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The Inner Coach Workshop

The Inner Coach Workshop, held in Toronto, teaches you how to become your own life coach to achieve your desired results. Whether you desire to advance in your career, make your intimate relationship more loving, lose weight, or find fulfillment, The Inner Coach Workshop will provide you with the steps to your achievement. The following is a summary of the process you will go through…

Step One

Identify Your Vision

Your Vision is the end result, what things will look like when you achieve your goals. Visualize yourself being 20 pounds thinner. Visualize yourself leading a team of motivated employees. Visualize yourself feeling a heart-felt love toward your partner.

Step Two

List The Behaviors You Need To Start Doing To Make Your Vision Happen

Your Vision is not going to happen on its own. You need to make it happen. You do this by identifying the actions you need to take to live your new desired reality.

If your Vision is to be 20 pounds thinner, what foods do you need to eat on a daily basis to maintain your new desired weight? If your Vision is to lead a team of people, look for opportunities in your organization to lead a team, even if that team is a committee planning a social event.

If your Vision is to have a loving relationship, start being kind and loving to your partner all through the day, not just at romantic moments.

Step Three

List the Behaviors You Need To Stop Doing

Start paying attention and catching yourself when you are not living your ideal Vision. With weight issues, this means don’t bring forbidden foods into your home. Don’t bake dessert items if you are the only one who is going to eat them.

In the workplace, stop going along with what other people want, avoiding expressing your true feelings. With your partner, notice when you are being critical, judgmental, demanding, accusatory, or impatient. It won’t be instant, but catching yourself, and replacing a negative with a positive loving act – a compliment, a thank you, validation of an effort being made – will make a world of difference.

Step Four

Create a Self-Reflection Sheet & Action Plan

Write out your Start List and your Stop List on one sheet of paper. Each time you notice yourself acting in either a positive or a negative way, check off the action item on your list. In this way, you will become your own life coach, increasing your awareness of your own behavior on a daily basis.   At the end of each day, evaluate how you have done, and identify actions you can take the next day to improve your behavior. 

Andrea J Moses, M.S.W. at The Inner Coach Workshop held in Toronto will guide you through each of these steps. While you are fully capable of following these steps on your own, the challenge of working on your own is that you will likely be unconscious of the negative behaviors which are interfering with your success. This is the nature of habits – they exist beyond your conscious awareness.

The Inner Coach Workshop takes place in a small group basis so that you will have the opportunity to discover behaviors, both positive and negative, which you can shift within yourself to achieve your desired goals. At the end of the one day, The Inner Coach Workshop, you will have an action plan in place to bring your desired goal into reality.

Within you lies the ability to create full abundance in all aspects of your life. When your life is not filled with the success, the relationships, and the results you desire, it means that beyond your conscious awareness, you are holding negative beliefs blocking the fulfillment of your dreams.

The Inner Power Workshop


The Inner Power Workshop is designed to empower you to identify and resolve the source issues holding you back from creating abundance in all aspects of your life: CAREER  HEALTH  RELATIONSHIPS  FINANCES  WELL-BEING. The Inner Power Workshop, held in Toronto, is a two-day self-development life coach program which teaches you how to move through and resolve the source issues preventing you from turning your dreams into reality.

What Negative Beliefs Challenge You?

·    *  I don’t have what it takes to be a great success.

·     * I’m not good enough to make this happen.

·     * I’m powerless to overcome this challenge.

·      * No matter how hard I try, I end up getting stuck.

·     * I can’t have everything I want.

Triumph Over Your Achievement Challenges

Now is your opportunity to become your own life coach to continuously build on your life abundance. The Inner Power Workshop will show you the way. Over the two-day self-development life coach weekend in Toronto, you will discover amazing truths about yourself which will enable you to triumph over your unconscious barriers to success and well-being.

This self-development life coach program takes place in Toronto under the guidance of life coach Andrea J. Moses, M.S.W. This will allow you to receive individualized attention with specific focus on your life challenges.As part of this self-development life coach program, you will receive the 15 page life coach training manual for self enhancement, Inner Power For Life Change, created by Toronto-based life coach Andrea J. Moses.

The Inner Power Workshop in Toronto will open your life to a new level of abundance. In this self-development life coach workshop, you will learn The Process to triumph over your success challenges. Powerful and direct, The Inner Power Process will allow you to make deep level change and free you to get on track to living Your Vision. Now is the time to triumph over your success challenges and win!

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