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 Create The Intimate Relationship That "Wows" You
Attract Love Into Your Life  

Intimate relationships are often challenging whether in the early days of meeting a new partner or when you find yourself living with a stranger after years of building a life together. As a relationship life coach in
Toronto, I can help you get your relationship back on track.

Why Long-terms Relationships Are Often Challenging

Sharing a loving relationship is fulfilling and comforting. When the relationship is going well, it is fun, stimulating, exciting, and deeply meaningful. Suddenly you have found your best friend and soul mate.

But over time, when the novelty wears off, the personality aspects that you didn’t initially notice start surfacing. It is very common, when in love, not to notice the thorns when you are smelling the roses.

It is at the time when your awareness shifts that you may have the desire to leave the relationship rather than work through the issues. As an experienced Toronto-based relationship life coach, I can help you identify why the challenges are surfacing, what aspects of yourself are being mirrored by your partner, and what you need to do to enhance your communication and bring back that loving feeling.

When Your Partner Won’t Commit

The experience of being with the love of your life, a partner who appears perfect for you, is deeply discouraging when your partner won’t commit to a future with you.

Why does this happen?... The pattern I have observed in working as a relationship life coach in Toronto is that the signs of non-commitment are usually there from the start. But your happiness and fulfillment blocks you from seeing the unhappy truth.

It also frequently happens that when in love, an over-dependency develops, so that you don’t realize that you have stopped creating fulfillment outside of your relationship. Developing a meaningful career, your own friends, your own life goals stop becoming important.


  Bring Love Into Your Life

As a relationship life coach in Toronto, and author of 4 books on enhancing relationships: Tranform Your Life Now — Emotional Rescue — Choices — Big-time Change, I can guide you to reclaim your own power. When this happens, your partner will feel your growing inner strength, and will start valuing you more fully. From a position of new-found power, you will be able to negotiate more successfully to achieve the commitment you desire.  

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