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Toronto Career Coach 

Dear Andrea,

I am deeply grateful for all you have done for me. My life has changed so dramatically as the result of my working with you as a life coach. I can honestly say, I didn't know what I didn't know. When I started being coached by you, I was so unhappy in my job, and I desperately wanted to leave. But you explained that I needed to develop my skills in my current job before I was ready to move on. I trusted you, and you guided me along to my dream job. 

We worked as a team. When I found the job I wanted, there was still a lot of work to do to get there. Together, we created a cover letter which enabled me to be the number one candidate amongst hundreds of applicants. We then spent a fair chunk of time preparing me for the interview so that I would come out on top. And I did. I wowed the decision makers, resulting in an immediate job offer. We then worked together on a strategy to enable me to negotiate a salary $10,000 higher than their offer. 

What advice would I give people considering working with a life coach? Definitely that every Vision is achievable if you are prepared to do the work to make it happen. But most importantly, you must open your mind and your life to the process of developing yourself. Without having worked with a life coach, I would not have what I have today. If you want more for yourself, working with a life coach provides an awesome opportunity to change your life forever. 

Susan J 

Toronto Relationship Coach 

Dear Andrea, 

I live in Toronto, and I was looking for a life coach because my life was falling apart. I came to see you with a list of issues – my marriage being filled with conflict, rage at my parents for unresolved issues from the past, depression and anxiety, my needing to take a lot of medication to calm down, and my job was a nightmare with my boss being extremely abusive. I felt totally hopeless.

I am now in a very different place. My marriage is meaningful, and I see my husband as my best friend. I have made peace with the harsh treatment I received as a child, and I even enjoy helping my mother. I have cut my medication to a minimal amount. And last, but not least, I am in my dream job as a lawyer on track to becoming a partner.

None of this would have happened without you as my life coach. You were great, Andrea. You were calm and patient, helping me work through each of these issues separately. You provided a lot of practical direction which I needed to take charge of each of my challenges.

My life is so full now. I can’t believe I’m the same person. I’m very grateful for having found you. Thank you for everything. 

Hanna L

Toronto Life Coach 


Many thanks for the wonderful changes you guided me to make as my life coach. I came to you for coaching, because I was very unhappy in my personal life. My relationship with my parents was terrible, and it caused me to feel very depressed much of the time. I was overweight, physically unfit, and truly discouraged about my future.

Change required teamwork, and I must confess I was not always a willing team player. I tended to do a lot of “poor me,” and I didn’t like taking responsibility for how my life was unfolding.

You were amazingly patient and over time, things started to turn around. What really worked for me was creating a Vision for the way I wanted my relationship with each of my parents to be. At first it seemed ridiculous when I described a happy positive interaction as if it were already happening. And now, it seems equally ridiculous that I wasted so much of my time being negative.

Creating a Vision works. I am living my new reality. It feels like magic to have developed loving relationships which before were loaded with conflict. Yet I know I made the changes happen. Working with you, Andrea, as my life coach, changed everything. Thank you for your kind support and guidance. 

Robert B. 

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